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Horiba Scientific

HORIBA Scientific’s product expertise, encompasses elemental analysis, fluorescence, forensics, GDS, ICP, particle characterization, Raman, spectral ellipsometry, sulfur-in-oil, water quality, and XRF.

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Ocean Insight

Ocean Insight is a spectroscopy company which offers a combination of innovative spectroscopy hardware, software and on-demand data delivery, backed by deep category expertise.

Ocean Insight provides an integrated approach to customer needs using  Applied Spectral Knowledge (ASK) –

ASK ties their historic strength in product design and development with in-house, cross-functional, category-specific expertise. By drawing from disciplines including systems and software development; optical, mechanical and electrical engineering; and industrial design they have  assembled the capacity to provide intensive customer collaboration on highly precise challenges across many industries.

Ocean Insight is advancing to meet the needs of an increasingly diverse range of applications and industries. We’re amplifying optical sensing product innovation and expanding technical services to create custom solutions that Unlock the Unknown

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Molecular Vista

Nano-IR Photo-induced Force Microscopy (PiFM) – Robust & Stunning Nanoscale Chemical Imaging & Spectroscopy

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Manufacturer of versatile 3D optical profiler systems and medical device inspection tools for research, industry and in-line process control.
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Solar Light

America’s premier manufacturer of Precision Light Sources, Light Measurement Instrumentation, UV Transmittance Analyzers, Meteorological Instrumentation, OEM Instrumentation

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Micro Photon Devices

Micro Photon Devices, design and produce Single Photon Counting Avalanche Diodes (SPADs), fabricated either using custom silicon, standard CMOS or InGaAs/InP technologies

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Ushio is a manufacturer of light sources, and has developed lamps, lasers and other light sources with wavelengths ranging from 10 nm to the order of 103 nm.

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Leaders in Brewster angle microscopy, imaging ellipsometry and specialists in Active Vibration Isolation.

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Photonis is a global manufacturer of electro-optic solutions used in the detection of ions, electrons, and photons. They develop, produce, and market innovative sensors for detecting and amplifying very low levels of light, charged particles, and radiation

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Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI)

Amsterdam Scientific Instruments (ASI) is a fast-growing high-tech company based at the Science Park in Amsterdam. The company was founded in 2011 as a spin-off of Nikhef, the National institute of particle physics, the NWO Institute for Subatomic Physics, and AMOLF, the NWO Institute for Physics of Functional Complex Matter.

ASI develops imaging detectors for X-rays, electron microscopy and mass spectroscopy. Our advanced imaging detectors differ in many ways from conventional cameras. Our cameras can give continuous streams of photon hits with coordinates and nanosecond timestamping information, instead of just frames.

Their hybrid pixel detectors are based on Cern‘s Timepix/Medipix technology and have been implemented by many leading research institutes worldwide. It is our absolute goal to deliver and continue developing high performance and high quality detection and imaging products to accelerate research.

Making the Invisible Visible is not only about technology. As a small company they are close to their clients and offer support and expertise to ensure the optimal use of their products.

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