Wavelength Calibration Sources

The emission lines from atomic lamps are the most reliable standards for wavelength calibration. Resulting from atomic level transitions, these emission lines are intrinsic to the source and therefore are primary standards, requiring no calibration themselves. Atomic emission is almost infinitely narrow; meaning the position of the emission line can be accurate to 0.001 nm. This high level of accuracy and reliability make these lamps ideal for procedures from routine checks of instrument performance to total recalibration of a spectrometer.

Available in configurations that span the UV to the near-IR, choose a calibration source or use a combination of different sources that match with your analytical wavelengths of interest and span your entire measurement range. These calibration sources operate with either a 12 VDC power supply (included with the source) or 9V battery.

Key Features

  • Available in HG-2 (253-1700 nm), KR-2 (427-893 nm), NE-2 (540-754 nm), AR-2 (696-1704 nm) and XE-2 (916-1984 nm)
  • Easy to use with calibration lines printed on the lamp housing
  • Portable with 9V battery optional for power supply