UltimaTM compact fluorescence system optimised for short lifetime measurements

Ultima combines the latest in high temporal resolution TCSPC electronics, interchangeable high speed light sources and detector technologies, and our FluoroCube, the most flexible optical platform to offer the highest performance photon counting lifetime system available.

Choose from the most comprehensive range of pulsed light source and detector options, including:

  • DeltaDiode Picosecond laser diodes from 370 nm to NIR
  • Picosecond and Nanosecond LEDs from 260 nm to NIR
  • Ti-sapphire laser and multi-photon options
  • Highly integrated picosecond PMT modules
  • Microchannel plate PMTs for the ultimate in time resolution
  • UV to 1700 nm spectral coverage

Key Features

  • 185 – 1700 nm (detector dependent)
  • Lifetimes down to 5ps (with femtosecond laser and MCP)
  • Excitation and Emission monochromator options
  • DAS6 decay analysis software
  • Optional polarisers, temperature controlled and cryo stages