Smart SE: a powerful and cost effective spectroscopic ellipsometer

The Smart SE from HORIBA Scientific is a versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer for fast and accurate thin film measurements. It characterizes thin film thickness from a few Angstroms to 20 µm, optical constants (n,k), thin film structure properties (such as roughness, optical graded and anisotropic layers, etc), and the complete 16 element Mueller matrix.

The spectral range from 450 to 1000 nm is measured in a few seconds and ellipsometric data are analyzed using the DeltaPsi2 software platform.  DeltaPsi 2 provides advanced analysis with state-of the art ellipsometric modeling, as well as a more user friendly interface, known as AutoSoft, allowing the user to simply run pre-defined recipes with simple push button operation.

The Smart SE ellipsometer is a cost effective thin film tool with no compromise on features,  delivering research grade performance at an economical price. It provides an integrated vision system for accurate spot positioning, seven automated micro spots with size ranging down to a few tens of microns for measurement of small features, and the ability to measure the complete 16-element Mueller matrix in just a few seconds for the study of complex samples.

Key Features

  • Manually adjustable goniometer (45° to 90° in steps of 5°)
  • Manually adjustable sample stage (height and tilt)
  • Spectral range: 450-1000 nm
  • Fast acquisition time 1 – 10s