The new S neox outperforms existing optical 3D profiling microscopes in
terms of performance, functionality, efficiency and design, providing
Sensofar with a class-leading areal measurement system.

Designed as a high-performance 3D optical profiler from the outset, S neox outperforms all existing optical profilers, combining 3 techniques – confocal (best for surfaces with high slope), interferometry (yields the highest vertical resolution) and Focus Variation (measure shape in mere seconds) – in the same sensor head without any moving parts.

For confocal scanning, the S neox uses Sensofar’s patented technology, based on a microdisplay. The ferroelectric liquid crystal on silicon (FLCoS) microdisplay is a fast switching device that makes the scanning of confocal images fast and very stable. Combining this approach with Sensofar’s high NA objectives (0.95), vertical resolution is reduced to below 1 nm. Additionally, as there are no moving parts in the sensor head, there are no maintenance and alignment issues, and the effective lifetime of the sensorhead is unlimited.

Key Features

  • Confocal scanning for high slope samples
  • Interferometry (PSI, ePSI, VSI) for the best vertical resolution
  • Focus Variation for surface shape
  • No moving parts
  • Red, green blue and white LEDs for compounded high resolution colour images with high colour fidelity
  • Thin film measurement
    Transparent films from 50 nm to 1.5 μm can
    be measured in less than one second. Sample
    evaluation spot diameter is dependent on the
    objective magnification which can be as low as
    0.5 μm and up to 40 μm.