Vis-NIR and UV-Vis-NIR Radiometric calibrated light sources

Radiometric calibrated light sources are carefully measured and characterized to deliver a known quantity of light with a very low uncertainty. Whether it is for the highest level of traceability when working with regulatory agencies in food or pharmaceuticals or for new instrument design where accurate comparison as a necessity, radiometric calibrated standards deliver the data you trust.

Using well-know and traceable standard materials, the light source you purchase is measured to these reference points. This creates an unbroken chain of traceability providing you with the highest quality and most reliable data.

Since each component of a calibrated system carries a small amount of error or uncertainty, your particular light source has to be carefully and individually characterized. Your system is analysed statistically and compared to well-known references and the resulting calibration data for your radiometric source is defined on a certificate that explains each contribution to uncertainty and how that influences each calibration data point..

Key Features

  • Stable output for reliable data
  • Calibrated for absolute irradiance (mW/nm/cm2)
  • Options to interface with integrating spheres, bare fibres, and cosine correctors
  • Digital calibration data can be loaded into Ocean Optics software for absolute intensity data


  • Relative and absolute irradiance