The new PTI QuantaMaster 8000 series modular research fluorometers from HORIBA Scientific offer the world’s highest guaranteed sensitivity specification, plus many unique benefits. Only the HORIBA Fluorolog 3, also from HORIBA Scientific, matches the sensitivity of the new QuantaMaster 8000 series.”

The PTI QuantaMaster system is adaptable to every research need, with additions such as TCSPC lifetimes, upconversion lasers and phosphorescence detection up to 5,500 nm. Using the pulsed light source allows for not only spectral and kinetic fluorescence and phosphorescence measurements, but also the measurement of lifetimes in the microsecond to seconds range. This addition is especially beneficial when using fluorescent probes prone to photobleaching, and when characterizing inorganic material with longer lifetimes. The modular design of the PTI QuantaMaster ensures that your system can be easily adapted to your growing research needs.

Key Features

  • Highest guaranteed sensitivity specification at 30,000:1 water Raman RMS
  • Extended wavelength range with triple grating monochromators
  • Ultimate flexibility with up to four light sources and six detectors
  • Fully automated with single software utility for steady state and lifetime fluorescence
  • Best in class stray light rejection with single or double additive, coma corrected monochromators
  • NIR steady stage and phosphorescence lifetime detection to 5,500 nm