Since their commercial introduction in the mid-1970’s, nitrogen and dye lasers have established themselves as powerful tools for applications that require high-energy, pulsed, monochromatic radiation. Unlike most lasers, the nitrogen laser offers simple, trouble-free operation at an affordable price, and it is an excellent source for UV light at 337 nm with high peak power.

Nitrogen lasers are excellent sources for general spectroscopy, laser-induced fluorescence and photochemistry, as well as in teaching laboratories. Because of their tunability, dye lasers may be used for a large variety of applications in the UV-visible region. For experiments in the life science laboratory, nitrogen and dye lasers can easily be fiber-optically coupled to a microscope.

When pumped by nitrogen lasers, dye lasers are tunable over a wide spectral range from 360 to 990 nanometers. Dye lasers equipped with frequency doublers are even tunable in the deep UV region from 235 to 345 nm.

We at OBB Corporation have been involved in the development of commercial nitrogen and dye lasers since 1987, and this technology has undergone continual improvement since that time. OBB Corporation has pioneered a whole new laser technology that provides high power and trouble-free operation at a low price. There simply is no other tunable pulsed nanosecond laser commercially available that is this easy to use or affordable!

Key Features

  • 235 to 990 nm (nitrogen, dye laser and frequency doubler specific)
  • Megawatt Peak Power
  • 1 ns pulse width
  • Single shot to 20 Hz rep rate