Prior high precision motorized ZDeck Quick Adjust Platform System complete with Prior ZDeck, motorized ProScan XY stage, ProScan III controller, PS3J100 joystick with dual digipot controls, universal holder, solid aluminium plate, two micromanipulator mounts, condenser spacer and four 10mm pillar spacers.

This product is ideal for electrophysiological studies, and has been used in multiphoton microscopy to analyse neural circuitry, along with many other applications.

Key Features

  • Image multiple areas of interest with speed and precision
  • ZDeck lowers quickly and easily, providing easy access for loading/unloading
  • Not tools are required to adjust the height
  • Precision ProScan stage provides sub-micron repeatability
  • ProScan III controller and Joystick provide ultra fine XY stage control
  • Micromanipulator mounts