HORIBA Scientific offers a wide of vacuum monochromators, spectrographs and accessories to work in a large spectral range from a few nanometres to a few hundred nanometres. Based on toroïdal, spherical or plane diffraction gratings, our monochromators provide an unequalled throughput and relatively high spectral resolution for soft X-ray, EUV, FUV and DUV applications. They are specifically recommended for applications such as EUV reflectometry, X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy (XPS), EUV fluorescence, EUV lithography, Plasma diagnostic or High Harmonic Generation.

With Horiba Scientifics large range of monochromators, and strength in optical design, they similarly offer a fully integrated range of VUV systems. These systems are provided with sources, sample chambers, monochromators and detectors and are controlled by HORIBA Scientific software. Based on modular designs, different configurations can be realised in order to answer the requirements of your particular application.

Key Features

  • High and low vacuum options
  • Range of focal length and resolution options
  • Range of detector and excitation sources