The new range of modular Raman spectrometers from HORIBA Scientific allows the user to build a Raman experiment from the ground up and to undertake high performance Raman spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets.

High performance spectrometers: The modular iHR spectrometer is an ideal system for coupling to a fluorescence microscope or to a SNOM head, and can be used with HORIBA’s own range of dedicated Raman sampling options to provide a complete Raman spectroscopy system with either a confocal fibre-microscope or fibre-optic sampling probe.

Powerful LabSPEC software: The LabSPEC 6 spectral software suite used on all the HORIBA Jobin Yvon analytical and research Raman spectrometer systems is now also available for the iHR modular Raman systems. It has been designed and written as a dedicated Raman spectroscopy package and offers many powerful capabilities not found in a basic spectroscopy software.

Key Features

  • High precision spectrometers
  • High sensitivity CCD detectors
  • Optimised gratings and sampling optics
  • Upgradeable spectrometer platform (expand to fluorescence, PL, and optical spectroscopy)
  • Simultaneous Stokes and anti-Stokes signals
  • Raman spectra from 5 cm-1