Maya2000 Pro spectrometers are a great choice for applications requiring high sensitivity, good UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range. Applications range from low light level fluorescence and Raman measurements to absorbance, transmission and emission analysis of solutions, solids and gases.

Maya2000 Pro spectrometers are available in custom configured (you select the ideal combination of bench components) and preconfigured (we optimize the spectrometer for specific applications) options.

At the heart of each Maya2000 Pro spectrometer is a back-thinned 2D FFT-CCD detector in a robust, configurable optical bench with low-noise electronics. Choose from a wide range of accessories and bench options to optimize your system.

Key Features

  • Available in Maya Low Stray Light (360-825 nm), Maya2000 Pro-NIR (780-1180nm), Maya2000 Pro custom configuration ( ~165-1100 nm)
  • High performance back thinned 2D CCD
  • Excellent performance without the expense of TE cooling


  • Absorbance
  • Fluorescence
  • Raman
  • Reflectance & Transmittance