The LumaSpec Model LS800S is a compact visible light spectrometer which provides quantitative spectral power data (µW/cm2/nm) for microscope/optical illumination systems. The LumaSpec has a working range of 350nm to 800nm and a resolution of 1.5nm. In addition to providing detailed information of the spectral output the LumaSpec software provides a simple method of saving data and overlaying that information for future comparison. Time stamped data can be saved up to every 100 ms to further quantify the stability of the user’s light source. It is an ideal tool for quantifying your microscope illumination, characterising LEDs etc and measuring the transmission performance of the optical filter sets.

Key Features

  • 350-800 nm
  • 5 nm resolution
  • Irradiance & Transmission Modes

10 selectable wavelength ranges which automatically calculate spectral power