LLS Family Pulsed/Continuous UV and Visible LEDs

A light-emitting diode or LED is a simple semiconductor light source. Compared to their traditional counterparts, LEDs use less energy, are smaller in size, longer in lifetime, and offer fast on/off pulsing. Known for their stability and fast warm-up, LEDs are ideal for fluorescence spectroscopy and many other general spectroscopy applications. LEDs can be continuous or pulsed and the duty-cycle of pulses can be used to control excitation power in fluorescence experiments.

Our LLS series sets the standard in control electronics that provide stable, high-current operation. Multi-channel LED controllers and individual LEDs complete the Ocean Optics’ LED offering.

If you do not see your particular LED listed, please contact us to see if custom wavelengths are available.

Key Features

  • Available in wavelengths from 240 – 630 nm, as well as white
  • Stable power supplies with continuous and pulsed operation
  • Variable power control


  • Fluorescence