Much the same as the tunable PowerArc, the tunable KiloArc consists of a unique arc lamp housing tightly coupled to a 0.2 meter monochromator,but with a kW arc lamp. The Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminator is a self aligned illuminator that generates hundreds of milliwatts of intensity and offers the versatility of continuous wavelength and bandwidth selection. The wavelength can be set manually or, for ultimate flexibility, it can be scanned under computer control. The Tunable KiloArc™ Illuminator could not be easier to operate. The system is air cooled and requires no ozone venting. Simply push the start button and dial the wavelength and bandpass of output that you require

Key Features

  • Continuously tunable from 180 to 2200 nm CW or pulsed (ms to ms)
  • Continuously adjustable bandpass from 0 to 20 nm
  • Up to 300 mW of Optical Power
  • Sealed arc lamp housing with quartz window, that is air cooled (no ozone venting)