The iHR320 and iHR550 are 320 and 550 mm focal length Czerny-Turner imaging monochromators respectively.


The unique shape of the iHR scanning monochromators is the result of 190 years of experience in optical design. The iHR monochromator uses toroidal mirrors to bring the centre of the tangential and sagital focal planes together. This design has the advantages of providing imaging capability when using a CCD detector while optimizing spatial resolution at the edge of the multichannel detector.

The iHR monochromator is the first monochromator on the market that can be configured with two entrance and two exit ports for maximum measurement flexibility.

These monochromators provide the best image quality, remove the re-diffracted light and maximise the optical throughput by using a high F# aperture.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well designed and accurate monochromator for your experimental works. Choose the best instrument on the market and ask us about our iHR monochromator series.

Key Features

  • Up to 4 ports, 2 entrance, 2 exit
  • Internal filter wheel (optional)
  • Kinetmatic triple grating turret that can be easily interchanged
  • Choice of array or exit slit on either exit port
  • Easy array detector focus and alignment with external locking mechanism
  • Purge port for UV and NIR