IDRaman Reader Integrated Raman Spectrometer

The IDRaman reader from Ocean Optics is a fully integrated Raman spectrometer system featuring Raster Orbital Scanning technology (ROS). Scanning a tightly focused laser beam over the sample surface maximizes sensitivity and maintains high resolution for the most reliable Raman measurements. A convenient sampling system allows you to measure surfaces below the instrument, in cuvettes, or from the side and bottom of vials. This configuration is ideal for process Raman measurements or reading SERS substrates.

Key Features

  • Laser Excitation Wavelengths (532, 638, 785 or 808 nm)
  • Raster Orbital Scanning for improved measurement repeatability, and to minimise sample damage
  • Liquid and solid samples


  • SERS
  • Biotechnology applications
  • Medical diagnostics