The IDRaman mini is the smallest, most powerful handheld Raman system available today. The IDRaman mini fits in the palm of your hand, yet is ruggedly dependable for fast, accurate Raman analyses ranging from chemical and explosive agent detection in the field to quality assurance and quality control sampling routines in the factory. The system includes a preloaded, editable library of about 30 Raman spectra and large libraries of up to 9,000 spectra are available for purchase.

The IDRaman’s  unique Raster Orbital Scanning (ROS) technology scans a tightly focused beam over a wide 2.5 mm sample area, dramatically improving the quality of the Raman measurement. ROS has benefits for liquid and solid samples, especially samples that are inhomogeneous and irregularly shaped. In addition, with ROS the low average power needed eliminates sample damage and the possible ignition of explosive samples.

The next-generation IDRaman mini has a more powerful processor for expanded library capabilities and redesigned, IP67-rated mechanical case for greater ruggedness. its 785 nm excitation laser delivers 50 mW of power. Fully compatible with OceanView software, the IDRaman mini makes a great tool no matter what your application.

Key Features

  • Raster Orbital Scanning to minimise sample damage and expand the collection area
  • Liquid, powder and solid samples, and point and shoot accessory
  • Compact and portable hand held instrument


  • First responder (chemical identification)
  • Biosensing
  • Agricultural measurements and monitoring