HR4Pro Series

HR4Pro spectrometers are compact, high-resolution spectrometers distinguished by low stray light performance and great thermal stability for applications in lab, field and process environments

The HR4 Pro spectrometers are ideal for applications demanding high resolution and fast measurements. They are  a popular choice for protein dynamics, laser characterization, gas absorbance, and emission line analysis.

Key Features

  • Preconfigured HR4Pro models are available for
  • UV-Vis (200-875 nm), Optical resolution <0.7 nm
  • Vis-NIR (350-1025 nm) Optical resolution <0.7 nm
  • extended-range (200-1100 ) Optical resolution <0.9 nm
  • Entrance aperture: 10 μm standard; replaceable slits available
    Order-sorting filter: Yes
    Detector collection lens: Yes
    Integration time: 3.8 ms-10 s
    SNR: 300:1
    Dark noise: 6 counts RMS


  • Laser Characterisation
  • Biology and Chemistry