The FluoroMax® series represents HORIBA’s industry-leading spectrofluorometer performance in a convenient, affordable, easy-to-use benchtop model. The FluoroMax family, with its unique all reflective optics and photon counting, was the first to bring the sensitivity of a modular fluorometer to a tabletop unit.

Today, the FluoroMax series consists of the FluoroMax-4, the latest generation of the original, high performance tabletop fluorometer, and the new FluoroMax Plus, which offers extended performance with Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC) lifetime measurements as short as 25 ps, or detection of emission spectra out to 1700 nm.

FluoroMax-based solutions are ideal for measuring solid and liquid samples, with high throughput screening, cryogenic or elevated temperatures, absolute quantum yields, microlitre volumes, stopped flow mixing or titration, and even micron scale measurements using a microscope. With the industry’s most extensive list of accessories, the FluoroMax series offers unparalleled flexibility to meet all of your lab’s experimental needs.

Key Features

  • Water Raman S/N 6,000:1 (FSD method) 16,000:1 (RMS method)
  • 185-850 nm standard, 185-1700 nm optional
  • All reflective optics, and photon counting detector with reference photodiode
  • 150W Xe arc lamp
  • Optional automated polarisers, absorbance/transmission accessory, microvolume cuvettes, well plate accessory, full spectral microscopy, heating and cooling stages, cryo stages, stopped flow, TCSPC lifetime and phosphorescence accessories available