The Fluorolog®-3 is a unique, modular system which allows the researcher to interchange a versatile range of accessories to correspond perfectly with the characteristics of a given sample. From analysis of steady-state or molecular dynamics to IR probes, the Fluorolog®-3 comes equipped with a wide range and limitless configuration of accessories to enhance the accuracy and speed of your application.

Key Features

  • Highest guaranteed sensitivity specification at 30,000:1 water Raman RMS
  • Extended wavelength range with triple grating emission monochromators
  • Ultimate flexibility with multiple light sources and up to six detectors
  • Emission monos can be equipped with CCD and InGaAs array detectors for rapid acquisitions and fast kinetic measurements
  • All reflective optics for use UV-Vis-NIR-MIR

Quantum Yield, TCSPC lifetime, temperature controlled stages, automated polariser, microvolume cells, full spectral microscopy and FLIM, absorbance/transmittance, cryo and many more optional accessories available