The new FHR 640 and FHR 1000 spectrometers offer a unique combination of drive speed, precision and high resolution, completely revolutionizing the large spectrometer market. The latest modifications in FHR technology are based on over ten years of testing by industrial and analytical systems specialists at HORIBA Scientific.

Designed for researchers who require high accuracy with immediate results, the versatility of the FHR allows for utilization over a wide spectral range, extending from the UV to the IR. The instrument’s cast body design accounts for temperature induced stress and expansion, preventing any significant wavelength shifts or signal loss and allowing for optimal performance.

The direct grating drive features a grating speed of greater than 300 nm/second, offering users significantly reduced experiment times. Equipped with a fully automated wavelength drive and automated slits, the FHR is available in multiple monochromator and spectrograph configurations, offering a dual field at the exit for array detectors and compatibility with HORIBA Scientific’s full line of accessories. Superior in design, the FHR is the ideal long focal length spectrometer for performing fast acquisitions with high quality results.

Key Features

  • Robust cast body construction to minimise thermal wavelength shifts
  • Fully automated direct grating drive with dual grating turret (optional)
  • Automated slits, with dual exit port option
  • Compatible with SynerJY, LabSpec and LabVIEW Vis available