Raman imaging is a powerful technique for generating detailed chemical images based on a sample’s Raman spectrum. A complete spectrum is acquired at each and every pixel of the image, and then interrogated to generate false colour images based on material composition, phase, crystallinity and strain.

The SWIFT™ Ultra-fast Raman Imaging module offers drastically reduces measurement times with acquisition times down to <5ms/point, allowing large area survey scans, 3D confocal volume mapping and detailed Raman images to be completed in seconds or minutes!

HORIBA Scientific offers a range of novel technologies for Raman imaging:

  • SWIFT™
    Ultra-fast Raman imaging with acquisition times below 5ms/point, allowing hyperspectral Raman images to be acquired in just seconds or minutes!
  • DuoScan™
    The DuoScan™ technology enables the ultimate flexibility for Raman imaging, including easy sub-micron Raman imaging, adjustable laser spot sizes, and 100% coverage of a sample for macro-mapping.
    Electron multiplying CCD technology offers significant increases in sensitivity for challenging samples with low signal levels.

Key Features

  • Fully confocal for high resolution imaging
  • Choice of laser or stage scanning
  • EmCCD for the ultimate low light sensitivity