Calcium Ratio Imaging Microscopy System

The EasyRatioPro is the most comprehensive system for measuring intracellular calcium, sodium, magnesium ion concentrations or pH and membrane potential. EasyRatioPro includes all the tools required for image acquisition, analysis and calibration of intracellular dyes or intrinsic fluorophores

The EasyRatioPro is a monochromator-based wide-field microscope system for measuring ratio-fluorescence or fluorescence dye intensity of labeled proteins in nanomolar concentrations. Ratio-fluorescence microscopy is the ultimate tool to study dynamic events in live cells and cellular structures. Unlike conventional intensity based fluorescence microscopy, ratio-fluorescence eliminates the effects of photo-bleaching, cell path length variation, non-uniformity of dye loading, non-uniform field of view, making ratio-fluorescence the most accurate method to determine intracellular ion concentrations. More importantly, EasyRatioPro is fast enough to provide essential dynamic information about ion concentrations and interactions with other molecules, drugs or added reagents.

The EasyRatioPro incorporates CCD, sCMOS or EMCCD cameras for sensitive and rapid acquisition of fluorescence images from up to 16 different excitation wavelengths and optionally, four emission wavelengths. (Over 100 cameras are supported, with more added routinely.) Excitation is via our patented DeltaRam™ X compact rapid switching monochromator coupled by a liquid light guide to an upright or inverted fluorescence microscope. This allows virtually infinite excitation wavelengths from 250 to 650 nm, and acquisition rates of up to 250 for dual excitation measurements or 1000 images per second for dual emission.

Another exclusive innovation of EasyRatioPro is our patented “Warp Drive” that revolutionizes imaging by increasing productivity through its innovative tactile control surface. Warp drive features real-time control of up to 60 programmable function keys and touch sensitive sliders to control exposure time, binning, gain, and wavelength selection of up to 16 different channels. It’s never been easier to optimize your images in real time!

Key Features

  • Excitation range: 250-650 nm, with <2 ms wavelength selection speed (point to point)
  • Large range of CCD and EmCCD optimised for the application (ie live cell imaging, high speed emission ratio imaging, low copy gene analysis and gene expression profiling, quantitative FRET, FRAP, FISH, luminescence…
  • Horiba’s AE (Acquisition Engine) data streaming direct to the HDD, avoids PC RAM limitations
  • Innovative user interface for maximising productivity
  • Powerful acquisition and analysis software