This lattice matched InGaAs camera allows for high resolution SWIR and visible imaging 1280×1024 at high frame rates >95fps at full frame size.  This small pitch array, 12μm, combined with the high quantum efficiency of the lattice matched InGaAs arrays enables impressive imaging in the SWIR and visible band.  The camera has the capability of three setpoints, 25C (no cooling), 0C, -40C (fan cooling) or -60C (water cooled) using a 3 stage TEC integrated in a vacuum package. The advanced digital array (PIRT1280A1-12) on board offers 14 bit digital output with low read noise of <45e- with no image lag, is lower than all cooled SWIR scientific cameras. This combined with the low dark current InGaAs and 3 stage TEC will enable high sensitivity imaging with very long integration times >3 minutes.

Key Features

  • 1280×1024 HD InGaAs
  • TE Cooled to -40C (-60C with water cooling)
  • Low read noise <45 e