Photonis MCP-PMT solutions are ideal for high-speed single photon counting applications. Our MCP-PMTs offer low dark count rates, low B-field immunity, and superior photon detection.

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40 ps transfer time spread for single photons
 Magnetic field immunity up to 3 Tesla
 Hi-QE photocathode option
 Gated intensifier tubes
 8 mm or 18 mm active diameter

MCP-MPT Photon Detector
Photons MCP-PMTs combine photomultiplier tubes with microchannel plates for a fast timing detector that is ideal for single photon counting applications. We offer a range of customization options, including your choice of photocathode, timing and outputs. Our MCP configuration can be ordered in dual Chevron or triple Z-stack configurations for additional gain. MCP-PMTs are ideal for fluorescence imaging, Cherenkov imaging, and high energy physics research.

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